21 Days to Emotional Freedom


( February 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd + Bologna, Italy)

*Coming up soon as an online course

Did you know that your natural state is being happy for no reason and that it is effortless to be in that state? What effect would this have on your daily life, relationships and work? What miracle would occur if you could embody more of that effortless happiness?

Imagine for a moment what would change if you no longer experience stress, worry, frustration or depression. How would your life transform if you could release those emotions today?

21 Days to Emotional Freedom is a 3-part course that takes place over the span of three weeks and is ideal for everyone who is new or have some experience in working on one’s self as well as everyone who would love to uplevel. The course works best for those who really want to feel happy, free and fulfilled and are committed to doing the necessary work each day. This way everyone has great results already after the first day.

Maybe some of the struggles you are going through are:

  • Never knew what to do when feeling unhappy, sad or hurt.
  • Don’t know how to easily feel more joyful and fulfilled.
  • Not sure how to quickly balance yourself and enjoy life.

Did that sound familiar to you?

Our feelings and emotions affect all parts of our lives. So letting go of the unwanted ones and embodying more of the desired ones will definitely send happy ripples into all other part of your life:. health, relationships, work life, etc . And I’m sharing that from the perspective of someone who had experienced exactly that shift in many areas of my life.

The priceless gifts you will receive from this course are:

  • Aligning to the divine truth of who you are and embodying more of your natural state.
  • Releasing blocks to experience emotional freedom and the shifts you always wanted already from the first day.
  • Unique meditations, step by step techniques and tools to apply immediately for permanent shifts.
  • Easy to follow workbook with exercises and insightful materials to read at home.

The course includes:

  • 3 sessions in person or online with Anna Stoyanova
  • 3 weeks of daily online interaction and support
  • 3 weeks of daily practice of all teachings by each participant

Would you like to get your hand on that?

The techniques, tools, information and energy activations you’ll receive in this 3-part course are how I finally began to shift my feelings and emotions and create a life I truly want. And if I can do it, I know you can too!

If you were to work privately with me on healing and shifting your emotions for the duration of the course, your investment would be more than 750 € at my regular hourly rate. But for a limited time you can save over 675 € and get the whole 3-part course for only 75 €. Doesn’t this sound great?

Ready to join me for this life-changing adventure of effortless happiness?

PAY NOW and reserve your sport by sending an e-mail to 4ere6ka@gmail.com . Hurry up! There are only few spots available.

May your results from this course exceed your wildest dreams!