A pleasant surprise

A pleasant surprise

Last year I visited a friend at her home and when I was leaving I hid one of this cute cartoons in watercolors in one of her drawers. She sent me this photo after she had found it! 🙂
If you too want to gift someone with this beautiful illustration you can order your print at http://www.redbubble.com/people/2spiritualart

Lidiya + Lfow with Life


I am infinite love

I am infinite love




It’s summer!

Let’s let go of stress and just enjoy life.




Dream BIG

dream big

I am curious: what is your BIGGEST dream? Please do share it with us!


Open up

open up t more love healing art

Fill your heart with the love that already surrounds you. All it takes are just few breaths.

Inhale love and imagine your heart expanding more and more with each next breath.

Enjoy the warm feeling in your chest.



Celebrate resistance

Celebrate Resistance Growth

Resistance doesn’t mean you should give up. It doesn’t mean you are weak. And definitely nothing went wrong in your life. Trust me, it is not your fault!

It means you are exactly where you should be, experiencing exactly what you need so you can go beyond your comfort zone. Resistance is a change to grow!

Why would you want to grow? Maybe you are comfortable where you are right now, right? But what about all the dreams you have, the happiness and love you so desire. Isn’t that everything you ever wanted?

The truth is that we will never stop experiencing resistance in our lives. So, we might as well learn how to move beyond it, right?

The key is to look for the lesson in the situation you are resisting. Ask yourself “How is this particular situation serving me? What am I learning about myself?”. Journaling is great when it come to keeping tract of your thoughts and it also helps you focus better.

So, are you aware of the things you are resiting in your life right now? Let us know about the lessons you are learning from your experience in the comments below.