You are invited

You are invited

Mandala Coloring Party Worldwide

Have you ever been to a coloring party before? Would you like to go to one?

Forget the mundane and release all stress by joining us at this Sunday’s Mandala Coloring Party. Coloring is a lot of fun, but it’s more fun when done with friends and some chocolate :D. Join us from anywhere around the world and be part of this colorful celebration!

Some of the things you can expect are fun, inspiration, creativity and fresh ideas. We would also go through everything from choosing colors to meditating while coloring. And there will be a mini online exhibition with all participants’ artworks at the end.

Sounds great, right?

Get all the details here and invite your friends too.




A fun, creative way to connect with your soul.

A fun, creative way to connect with your soul.

It takes just a couple of minutes and it can be practiced at any time, anywhere. It is a great way of using imagination to receive ideas, guidance and inspiration from your soul. Daydreaming is fun, easy and anyone can do it.

When you immerse yourself in daydreaming you dip your brush in your soul and paint the life of your dreams. You are on an exploration journey of your deepest desires, some of which you might have forgotten or suppressed. Your soul is helping you connect to your dreams and is showing you all the wonderful ways you could experience life.

paint and brush

Make yourself comfortable, relax and ask yourself, “What would I love to experience next? Where would I love to be? With whom would I love to spend my time?”. Picture the whole experience and feel it with your entire body. Engage all of your senses. How do you feel? What do you see? Do you hear any noise?

Daydreaming can also be use to achieve goals and solve problems. Focus on something you need clarity on and ask yourself, “What would be a great way to ___?”. Just relax and daydream for a while. Be bold and consider the wildest ideas and solutions you might get. Infinite possibilities will start revealing themselves. Remember that taking action is vital. You need to act on the inspiration in order to create any change you desire.

Often daydreaming isn’t taken seriously by adults. That lack of resistance makes it a great way to connect to your soul and receive the guidance you need. Have fun and enjoy the process as it unfolds.



10 scientific benefits of meditation you might be missing out on

10 scientific benefits of meditation you might be missing out on

We can come up with a lot of reasons why we don’t meditate but what’s more important is to have good reasons why we should meditate.

So, why do you meditate?

I personally meditate to quiet my mind and reduce the stress I sometimes experience. But I also experience other benefits such as being more present and being able to focus easier. I also love exploring the spiritual side of meditation.

Did you know that there are over 3000 scientific studies on the benefits of meditation?

If you still think meditating is not for you check out the following 10 science based reasons by Emma Seppala who is Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education.


Hungry for more? Here are 18 science based reasons to try loving-kindness meditation today. It might change your life.

After having experienced the many benefits of meditation I’ve came to the conclusion that I simply cannot afford not to meditate. The cost of not taking care of ourselves is too high and unfortunately we are often not aware of it.

Do you have friends who think that meditation is not for them and that they don’t have time to meditate? Help them out by sharing those 10 science based reasons. You never know what meditation might do for them.

Talk to you next week!


Use creativity to get clear on what you truly want and how to achieve it

Use creativity to get clear on what you truly want and how to achieve it

Do you often wonder about what it is you truly want. Do you know what you would love to experience in your life and how you would love to feel?

If so, then what are the steps you would like to take towards realizing your desires?

If you don’t have the answers to those questions you might want to give daydreaming a try. It’s fun and easy. Daydreaming is a great way to use your imagination and intuition to gain clarity and get new inspiring ideas which will help you create the life you want.

So, how can you start daydreaming today?

daydreaming creative process tool

First of all set aside enough time to relax and get in the flow of daydreaming. Taking few deep breaths would help you relax even deeper and get into the present moment.

After that focus on what you would love to experience and how you would love to experience it. Here are some questions that can help you start:

  • Where in the world would I love to be?
  • How does my surrounding look like?
  • Who is with me in that moment?
  • What am I doing and how does it feel?

Engage all of your senses to make the experience more vivid- sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

You can start with imagine how you would love to feel, what you would love to do or where you would love to be. It doesn’t really matter. What’s important is to picture the whole experience and really FEEL IT IN YOUR BODY. Why that? This is your guidance system sending you signals if what you are daydreaming about is right for you. Paying attention to your feelings is the way to gain more clarity around what you really what in your life.

For example today I was daydreaming about moving to a new place with my partner. We have only lived in apartments our whole lives and the next logical thing to do is to move to another apartment, right? When I started imaging the new space we could soon live in I felt restricted and contracted. To make a long story short those feelings indicated that I might need more space to feel more free (clarity around what I really want) and one way of doing that is renting a house with a garden (an idea how to achieve what I want), something we’ve never thought of before.

It is essential to trust your intuition and feelings throughout the process. They will always guide you in the right direction.

Daydreaming can be used for any area of your life and you could also ask a specific question before you start. For example if you would love to expand your business you could ask yourself “What would the next best step be in expanding my business?”. Only because you want to apply this creative process to your work it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. Just relax and spend some time focusing on your wildest dreams. Have fun and unleash your creative power!

Make some time to daydream today! On what area would you like to focus? Let us know in the comments below.


P.S. Often we have this big, bold dreams to go somewhere, be someone or experience something in our lives. They might seem scary and impossible to realize right now but this doesn’t mean we should give up on them. Every moment we have the choice to either take a step towards our dreams or not to. If you choose to act than look for the small steps you can take right now. Daydreaming is using your imagination to help you take the next step. Your imagination is bold and free and will always give you the best answers, ideas and inspiration.

3 ways to feel better about to-do lists: Thursday’s Thought

3 ways to feel better about to-do lists: Thursday’s Thought

To-do lists, schedules and organization…

Help! I am suffocating.

Did the sound of those words make you feel restricted and stressed?

Two weeks ago I started hiding my to-do lists under my laptop. “ You are procrastinating.”, you might say. I get you! At the beginning I thought that this is something an irresponsible person would do.

Postponing work that needs to get done can’t lead to anything good, right?

It turned out that my to-do lists were not only taking too much of my attention but they were also secretly depleting me mentally and energetically.

To-do lists on yellow sticky notes are indeed the first thing you see on your desk in the morning and throughout the day. They are magnets for attention. It is not that organizing your day or work is a bad thing but we all know that too much of something is no good. Too much focus on what needs to get done at some point into the future pulls you out of the present moment. When your focus is not on the present moment you simply can not give your best and do the work. Wouldn’t you agree?

Looking frequently at everything you’ve scheduled for the whole week or month could bring up some issues like not having enough time or energy, not having the knowledge to complete certain tasks and so on. One thing would attract another and before you know you could start spiraling negatively.

Fun to-do list healing art

Instead of writing a to-do list that is focused only on what needs to get done, focus on what you would love to do and how you would love to do it.

For example when you need to buy grocery instead of focusing on how much time and effort it would cost you, focus on the fact that you are going to buy and eat some delicious foods, maybe even your favorite thing. You could also go to the park afterwords and eat the banana you’ve bough if this is something you would love to do ( I do that 🙂 ).

Take some time to plan your month or week in advance and break it down into what you would love to do each day. Then at the beginning of the day focus only on what you’ve planned for that specific day. You don’t need to know by hard all of your plans for the entire week or month. Just write them down and put them aside. To-do lists are dynamic lists so of course things will be postponed, replaced or something else. It’s OK. You don’t need to control everything.

When you write your to-do list add adjectives about how you would love to feel. Everything we do is because we want to feel a certain way. So, ask yourself “ How would I love to experience buying grocery today?”.

For example this month I am learning how to be more present especially when I am doing mundane things like buying food. I love it when I am focused on choosing what I would love to buy and how I am going to cook it instead of following my thoughts which pull me out of the moment.

So, how do you feel about your to-do lists? Do you have and tips which help you plan better and also feel better?

Share your experience and wisdom with us in the comments below.


A simple practice to become happier: Thursday’s Thought

A simple practice to become happier: Thursday’s Thought

Have you ever wished you were happier?

Do you wonder what is it you could do to reach a new level of happiness?

The solution is not a secret and you probably already know it- practicing appreciation.

I’ll be honest with you. I had to force myself to start practicing it and didn’t like it at first. It was hard and no fun. The truth is, the more you practice, the easier it gets.

I was also told a secret by a spiritual teacher about how to get faster into the vibration of appreciation and really fill yourself up so you can radiate this wonderful feeling outwards. After one week I was happier and exited about life. The practice is very easy to do and takes only few minutes.

So, here is the short practice of appreciation you could do every day.

Go sit somewhere you feel comfortable and are surrounded by beauty. This could be a room which you’ve decorated with your favorite objects or just outside in nature. What I do is I open the window in my room and look at the park which is just in fort of my house or I turn my chair towards the beautiful art hanging on my wall. This would really help you see and appreciate life and its beauty even before you’ve started the practice.

gratitude appreciation happiness
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Now focus on breathing in the energy of appreciation and filling yourself up with it. You can just imagine it or say the following to yourself, “ I am breathing in appreciation”. Remember that the breath is very powerful! Repeat this a couple of times before you move to the next step.

The last part of the practice is when you start focusing on what is it you appreciate. As Abraham- Hicks says the best way is to start very general. Focus on things like nature, the weather outside, the food you love to eat etc. After that you can go into more details from your personal life but only if it feel good to you.

What about the secret to successful practice?

The secret is to focus on why you appreciate the things you appreciate. When you focus on the why you recall happy memories, positive feelings and emotions and spend a couple of seconds bathing in happiness. This is when the magic happens! You need to feel the appreciation. It is that simple.

Enjoy and be happy!


What is stopping us from having more fun: Thursday’s Thought

What is stopping us from having more fun: Thursday’s Thought

Fun is a good thing, right? And we all wanna have fun as often as possible.

So, what is stopping us from actually enjoying ourselves?

Time and money could be some of the reasons, right?

For a very long time I had the belief that I can have fun only in my free time. Which meant that I first needed to finish work as well as all the mundane things like buying food and cooking dinner so I could finally have some free time to relax and do something enjoyable.

So, what I did was to choose (more subconsciously than consciously) to have fun only under certain conditions. How did I get the idea to do such a thing? Well, from my involvement of course. If most of the people around you are doing the same thing it just seems reasonable to join the tribe, right?

Buddha Happiness Tarot Cards

It is all about the choices we do even if we are not aware of them. And it is more about what we choose to belief in!

The mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seed. Here are some limiting mindsets you might have planted in your garden. I certainty did.

  • enjoying yourself is often a waste of time
  • to have fun you must earn it first
  • having fun is not really that important
  • having fun too often makes you irresponsible and lazy
  • you must have a reason why you are having fun
  • it is just not possible to have fun all the time
  • it is inappropriate to have fun when others are in a bad mood or suffer
  • having fun is hard ( Ouch!)

The next few days I am going to work on what is holding me back from enjoy every single moment in my life and I invite you to do the same. Please do share some of your personal insights so we can all transform together.

After clarifying what is standing in the way of fun you are free to choose again. Get clear about what it is you would love to experience. Maybe you would love to have a good time more often than before or integrate fun while you are working. Anything is possible!

Check out this video and get INSPIRED!