Coloring Parties

A mandala coloring party is always an amazing opportunity for all participate to play, have fun and reconnect with their inner child. It is a way to stop being so serious and let ourselves just be. Leaving aside all the worries and just concentrating on the present moment becomes very easy to do while coloring.

So, are you ready to invite more fun in your life? Host your own mandala coloring party and invite your friends to join you. You can easily download a sample from the book by joining the 21 MMM Coloring Club on Facebook or ordering your own copy of the book on CreateSpace or Amazon.

What others say

“Anna ‘s coloring party was a perfect opportunity to meet like minded creative people and have some fun together. I would definitely love coloring to be my new hobby.” -Julieta P.

“I very much enjoyed the coloring party especially because my mind was very clear and brought back a feeling of serenity from coloring as a child. It is really nice to do something with others that doesn’t involve the modern day technology. People spend far too much time staring at screens, mobile phones, computers etc.” -Maria H.

“This fantastic coloring party organized by Anna was my first one. I have two coloring books at home and color once or twice a week for less than an hour. I felt very relaxed during the whole coloring and absolutely loved that my mind was focused on choosing and matching colors instead of worrying. Coloring is my anti-stress therapy!” -Jana H.

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