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I am thrilled to let you know that the new coloring book “21 Mandalas, Meditations and Manifestations” is available for purchase at CreateSpace and Amazon.

Grab your free gift of 3 beautiful mandalas by simply joining the 21 MMM Coloring Group on Facebook and downloading a PDF file. Join the tribe and share your passion for coloring with us.

This book is a collection of coloring pages and meditations designed to awaken your creative potential in a fun and relaxing way. During this colorful journey you will explore coloring as a way to balance yourself, connect to your feelings and create more of what you desire such as joy, love, peace, etc.

Inside this book you will find 21 beautiful mandala drawings representing the 7 chakras within the human body and their essences. Meditation techniques will help you connect with the chakra essences and you will start experiencing wonderful shifts in your life. At the end you will have 21 masterpieces created by you which will bring beauty to your home as they hang on your wall.

This creative journey is for you if:

  • you want to practice a creative meditation
  • you enjoy the beauty of colors and designs
  • you feel the need to switch off your mind
  • you are looking for a new hobby
  • you just want to have fun

I truly hope that you would have lots of fun working with this book and that you would share your experience with us at the 21 MMM Coloring Group on Facebook.

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As I saw how much my friends enjoy the mandala designs I knew that I had to make them available to a broader audience. This is how the Redbubble Online Store was born! 🙂

What others say

“I love it! It is a relaxing and joyful experience. Thank you for reminding me coloring is so much fun.” – Jana H.

“It has been ages since the last time I used colorful pencils. The whole coloring experience was very new to me. I found it very interesting to reconnect to my creative potential especially because  I do not consider myself a creative person. Connecting with the child within me in a playful way was fun and I can’t wait to do it again.” – Lavinia S.

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